Efurniture in Olympia, Washington - They are crooks!

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I ordered a sofa online from them. I knew it would be shipped via a freight company but e-furniture's web site states that "white glove" shipping service is available.

This means that the shipping company will deliver the furniture to my door rather than curbside. After the order was placed, I contacted e-furniture to find out how to upgrade the shipping and was told that the manufacturer didn't offer that. LIE #1. I then e-mailed back and told them to cancel the order.

They shipped the sofa anyway. When I called about this they said they didn't receive my e-mail LIE #2. The customer service rep. told me to e-mail the e-mail where I cancelled the order, which I did and he said that my e-mail didn't say to cancel the order.

LIE #3. The shipping company that they use is totally incompetent and one of their drivers actually abandoned the shipment somewhere. I told the shipping company two weeks ago that I was not going to accept this delivery, yet they contacted me this morning saying that they will deliver it next week. Once again I told them that I was not accepting the order and to ship it back.

Every time I attempt to call e-furniture now I get voicemail and they do not return my calls.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Please do NOT buy from efurniture.com

Not resolved

So I really wish I would have researched this site before hand instead of post war. I recently "ordered" a sofa with efurniture.com via phone and to keep things short I wont go into too much detail.

First of all the girl I spoke with was completely incomplete (friendly but had no clue) and made many MANY mistakes that took several calls back THAT day to correct, fairly certain that I would have received the wrong item and this would be a whole 'nother story. Anyway, I THEN decided to research efurniture.com reviews and saw this site. I called back right away (it was about 4) and cancelled my whole order. Whew, dodged a bullet there!

Anywho, it is now a week and a half later, still no refund back on my card (trust me, i would notice 900 dollars) and they say that "they have refunded my cash and that it is normal, as well as it is the banks fault now" This company is a joke, and I assure you if the money is not in there June first we already have a dispute with our bank to go after these bad business men who lack customer service and phone etiquette. Ps I also looked for myself and they DID IN FACT loose their BBB silence! Why didn't I do this researching sooner man!?

Dont do it, not worth the stress. Seriously.

Monetary Loss: $895.



Agree completely. Terrible service.

Excuses for order issues lies and no resolution. Amateurs.

San Diego, California, United States #619647

I ordered online 2 end tables from efurniture in June 2012 and am completely happy with my purchase as it was exactly what I expected, wasn't damaged at all in shipping, and was received in a reasonable timeframe.

to stevew San Diego, California, United States #619650

to clarify, I ordered from efurnitureshowroom.com which may be a different merchant than the efurniture.com identified in the original complaint.

to stevew #980216

eFurniture.com is not an active website. The domain name has ben parked for years. eFurnitureshowroom went out of business last year

to stevew #1371424

eFurniture.com domain has been parked and not used for years. You are mistaken with eFurnitureShowroom that went out of business. It is important you correctly name the correct site

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